What's in a name? 

A Fashion for Real Estate is my online real estate blog! I'm sure you're curious about the reason and meaning behind this name, so I'm happy to share it with you.

Not only has real estate become a very hot topic, It's also my daily activity. In 2016 I started working in the  real estate business, and I never would have guessed that it was going to please me that much. Of course business is never easy in the beginning when you're a young woman but I just threw myself at it, with succes!


Over the years, I developed myself into the real estate agent that I am today. It is important to me to have a good connection with my clients and to guide them with the knowledge that I gained over the past years. And what better way to reach all of you than through social media?

Honestly, I thought about blogging for a while now since people always commented me on the way I dress, and on the nice hot spots that I like to discover. But I wanted to contribute something more than a sense of fashion and a love for Antwerp lifestyle. So I decided to throw in my daily activity, oh yes, real estate. 



Through a Fashion for Real Estate I want to express myself as a business woman. Business doesn't have to be all black, white and grey with a splash of red from time to time... For me it's lively, colorful and stylish. I always stayed true to myself and my own perspective, and so far that's been very much appreciated. 


So start with discovering my blog, and please be so kind as to leave a comment. I will be blogging in English and in Dutch.

I will update my blog regularly so follow me on facebook or instagram in order not to miss any of them. I will be covering whatever topic pops up in my head, or whatever topic you suggest through my ''keep in touch'' page. 


Sending you all my best,