Antwerp Invited Tomorrowland

Well, it's not all work and no play you know...

Wauw, wauw, wauw everyone, I just had to write a blog article about this; Tomorrowland Invited 2018. In the dazzeling light (read; heat) of our very own MAS museum, the Antwerp people and a lot of other nationalities finishing their global TML journey, gathered to unite in music. Two Thursdays in a row, they threw this party as a warm up for the festival.

Not even a 10 minute rainstorm, nor exceptional 37 degrees could stop the fun. I must say, I was really glad that I could get a taste of the TML atmosphere, it's the first year after 4 in a row that I can't go to the actual TML festival... Sad story, I didn't manage to get any tickets... So as a real estate agent, I'm missing out on the largest networking event in the world... Kidding!

To be honest, I'm not too keen on festivals but Tomorrowland is just... true magic. A tip for every single one of you: go at least once in your life. There's just a really good vibe, people from all over the world unite and are so friendly for one another! That's how it always should be.

So as I previously stated, it was lovely to have a TML experience in my own city! I actually admire the progress the festival has made. With 14 editions, it has become the largest festival in the world. People from every continent come and visit our lovely little country, now isn't that something! Since a lot of people are staying in Antwerp, it think it's great that they can discover the beauty that we have to offer too. So thumbs up for this invite initiative!

To top it all, you could see the festival from the 10th floor panorama on the MAS building!

Aaaaand, I had a good excuse to put on a Spanish inspired festival outfit!

Go check out the atmosphere on my facebook page;

Now back to real estate ;')

Wishing you all the best.

PS; If anyone still has a spare TML ticket, let me know!