This was the Greatest Fashion Show

It was about time to write a fashion story, and we're definitely kicking off with a bang! A show that fashionistas in Antwerp are still talking about. Spectacle, glamour and elegance are the keywords of this night... And honestly, what a way to improve your impact on the fashion market! With their 8th edition, instagram is blowing up under the hastag #NuyensFashionShow.

As you all know, I have so much respect for other female entrepreneurs, which is why I'm sharing the Nuyens story with you. It's a familiy business, that started in 1969(!), that has been passed on to every female generation. Remarkable right? Right now,it's already under the lead of the fourth generation. It's Charlotte Cengiarotti and Klaar Goos who are running the store like real lady bosses! Charlotte totally rocked a very elegant jumpsuit on the runway btw. AND she formed a real power trio with Fashion Blogger Celine Van Ouytsel and ex-Miss Belgium Ellen Petri, walking in one of my favorite yellow looks.

Now back to the night itself. That specific Friday, tiny Beerse was overwhelmed by glitter, glamour and pink cars because of this fashion show. Entering the venue already made me go like "waaaauhaauw", because the models' runway was gold. I mean fa-bu-lous!

As the show started, the theme of the night became cristal clear. The theme song of (one of my favo movies) bounced around the room and all of a sudden, the models stood between a lion and a showhorse on stage. -Don't worry, they were not real though- But later on, there was a real and spectacular event, a live acrobat performance! You might all know him from Belium's Got Talent. Not your everyday fashion show, right?

I'm sharing 3 of my favorite looks of the night, eventhough it was really hard to choose. I'm doing this for you!

1. The yellow-dot-sweater combined with a cute black skirt is a somewhat casual elegant look, totally something I would wear to work or on a weekend trip!

2. Well, I've always been a die hard fan of pied-de-poule, this coat and handbag are definitely wishlisted!

3. Move-over flower print, the Leopard is totally back this FW. This dress is perfect for datenight or a night out with the girls!

Working under the slogan of "Fashion Never Sleeps," Nuyens has weekly new items in store for us! Definitely worth a stop every once in a while.

Which reminds me... It's time for me to hit the road to Beerse and check out the new collection. Under the motto of: "my hunger for fashion never sleeps".

You can find more pictures and info on the Nuyens Facebookpage.

My advice to you: enter this new week in style!

XO Kimberly