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I thought it would be fun to share the story behind the company I’m currently working for! I’ve been working with Engel & Völkers since February 2016 already! But I will leave my story for another blogpost.

For starters, Engel & Völkers has been operational since 1977! Approximately 40 years ago the company was founded in Germany as Engel & Cie. It only took on the name Engel & Völkers in 1986 when the orginal founder deceased and his partner Christian Völkers took over the management of the company. For years, they saw it very local, until they started in Palma De Majorca in 1990!

Nowadays, Engel & Völkers is represented in 800 shops over 34 coutries woldwide. All through a Franchise system, this means that the franchee (E&V), allows the franchiser (E&V license partner) to have access, in return for a fee, to all the knowledge and tools acquired by EV in order to sell houses using their brandname. For example, the license partner of the office where I’m located, has bought a license to operate in a restricted area around Antwerp. This allows every office to focus on its area in particular.

This shop opened its doors in Belize, which is located in Central America next to Guatemale and Mexico. Just to show you that we’re really everywhere!

I believe it’s a real advantage to work for a company that has created a succesful formula throughout the years! Another amazing thing is that we have a E&V academies, so brokers from all around the world can take classes in these academies. I took one in the beginning to get to know the company, it was a training of a week and it was really interesting! For us the academy is situated in Brussels so pretty convenient. Currently there are over 10.000 people working for E&V worldwide all going through the same training in academies in Paris, Barcelona, Hamburg….

Here in Antwerp, our focus lies in residential real estate but there’s also a commercial, yachting and avation devision. In order to encourage us working together, we use cross-selling techniques and referral systems. Meaning that we also show properties from Spain in our window in Antwerp, if we have a client for them we can send a referral to the shop in Spain, so that our local broker gets a share in the commission.

This whole system has made us market leader in premium real estate all over the world. Maybe that might also have a negative side effect here in Antwerp. Some people think that their property is not living up to our “standards”. They couldn’t be more wrong! We welcome every listing with open arms and are trained to find the best stratery for every type of property.

Another great thing to point out is that we have a good working marketing machine. For starters, we have our GG magazines, featuring properties from all over the world. Secondly we have our Private Residences, featuring properties in Belgium and our local Private Brochures. And of course we have many more tools for online marketing, to create of postcards in our printshop, social media tools….

Last but not least, because it doens’t all have to be work and no play, in cooperation with Land Rover, Engel & Völkers started a Polo School in Hamburg, Berlin, Majorca and Argentina. In order to bring our core values – competence, exclusivity and passion – to a whole other level. The sport isn’t that well known in Belgium but if you feel like enrolling, Germany isn't that far away!

In order to keep the spirit alive, we have an anual agent party. We throw it together with all the shops from the BeNeLux in Brussels. But I will leave that for my next article.

In order for you to get to know me better, my next article will be about my journey with E&V!

Stay tuned!

XO Kimberly